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Ankaur Maro Expansion Pack: Runewars Miniatures Game

Few names inspire fear in the citizens of Terrinoth like Ankaur Maro. As a young wizard studying at the Universities of Greyhaven, he quickly became known for his great skill and even greater ambition. This drive and disregard for boundares in pursuit of power became his undoing, Ankaur Maro was expelled from Greyhaven and disgraced. Not one to be deterred, Maro soon found himself in the inner circle of dark sorcerers, where he learned the secrets of flesh and blood and bone and death. Maro has found a new home in the service of Waiqar the Undying, his powerful dark magic a beacon of strength for the undying legion.

The Ankaur Maro Hero Expansion comes with two Ankaur Maro figures for the Waiqar in the form of cavalry and infantry versions, as well as six upgrade cards, four for use with any army and two exclusively for Ankaur Maro.

Seek ultimate power, raise the dead and overwhelm your opponent with mystic arts with the Ankaur Maro Hero Expansion.

Our Price: €23.99
Carrion Lancers Expansion Pack: Runewars Miniatures Game

The massive Carrion Worms that follow the armies of Waiqar the undying are not easily tamed, but those that are prove to be valuable assets for the carrion worm masters on the field of battle. Carrion Worms are swift for their size and inspire fear in the heartiest of Waiqar’s enemies.

The Carrion Lancers Unit Expansion features two Carrion Lancer Plastic Figures, one new and one identical to the core set, to expand your legions of the undead. The expansion also features eight new upgrade cards to improve your armies and crush your enemies underfoot.

Our Price: €33.99
Daqan Infantry Command Expansion Pack: Runewars Miniatures Game

Fantasy Flight sleeves needed: YELLOW x1

How to get this game as cheap as 22.79€: Pay by bank or cash and use discount code DISC005 in your shopping cart.

With polished armor glinting in the sunlight, the armies of the twelve baronies and the Free Cities are a stirring sight. Master wizards from the circles at Greyhaven and Nerekhall bolster their ranks, wielding destructive power and an arsenal of runebound shards to devastate their foes. Battle standards with histories as long as the Baronies of Daqan swirl in the wind, while the roar of lion horns stiffens the backs of wavering soldiers. Every company is led by a champion, one who has faced death time and again, yet has survived and now invites others to draw strength from his own stolid bravery.

The Daqan Infantry Command Unit Upgrade Expansion introduces four brand-new figures to the armies of the Daqan Lords—a Banner Guard, a Wizard, a Champion, and a Cornicen. Alongside these figures, you’ll find eighteen new upgrade cards, many of which include ways to bring these new figures into your armies. For instance, you may choose to support one of your units with the Lance Corporal upgrade card, implanting the Champion figure into the ranks of your unit. As long as the Champion figure is alive, you gain the benefit of the Lance Corporal card, which significantly boosts your tactical flexibility!

Magical Strength

Master wizards from the circles at Greyhaven and Nerekhall bolster the ranks of the Daqan Lords, wielding destructive power and an arsenal of runebound shards to devastate their foes. Whether it’s the power to move the earth or channel powerful energies, these wizards enhance the forces of Daqan with a magical edge.

Horns of War

The roar of the lion horns of Daqan relay orders and stiffen the backs of wavering soldiers. Crafted in ages past as gifts by the Dwarves of Yrthwright’s Forge, each baron or city council has only a few such horns to entrust to its most storied formations, marking them as Terrinoth’s finest.

Symbols of Loyalty

Flying over Daqan armies are colorful banners that swirl in the wind. These battle standards have histories as long as the Baronies of Daqan, a symbol of the undying loyalty each soldier pledges to their home. Only the bravest soldiers are chosen to guard the standard, as under no circumstances may they allow the company’s symbol to fall into enemy hands. These warriors are Banner Guards, an unwavering reminder of the honor the armies of the Daqan fight for.

Our Price: €23.99
Grassy Play Mat (90x90cm - 3'x3')

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the Grassy Field Playmat , a 3’ by 3’ playing surface for the Runewars Miniatures Game featuring a vibrant green field.

The Grassy Field Playmat plants your miniatures battles in an open field, ripe for placing terrain and other obstacles easily and seamlessly to bring life to your living battlefield. Though the mat is specifically designed for play with the Runewars Miniatures Game, with the rolling green fields matching the terrain that comes in the core set, the minimalist design is perfect for a variety of miniatures games. Whether you’re landing troops on a planet of rolling hills or sending your forces to medieval battle, the 3' x 3' Grassy Field Playmat provides plenty of room to deploy your armies. The mat not only offers a flavorful playing surface, but its slip-resistant bottom will ensure your valuable minis will stay safe during your skirmishes.

The rubber that makes up the Grassy Field Playmat makes for not only a smooth, clean surface for both you and your opponent, but easy transport options for the mat. Just roll it up and take it you your favorite local gamestore! You can even combine two Grassy Field Playmats to create a massive 6’ by 3’ playing field for a full game of the Runewars Miniatures Game! The design of the Grassy Field Playmat not only blends multiple mats seamlessly, but is perfect for tournament play, offering an appropriate playing surface without distracting from the action of the game.

Whether you’re just starting out in the world of miniatures gaming or are a hardened expert, the Grassy Field Playmat is the perfect purchase to enhance your miniatures gaming experience, offering a classy and safe playing area while adding a splash of flavor to all your favorite miniatures games.

Our Price: €42.99
Latari Elves - Army Expansion - Runewars

The Latari Elves Army Expansion ushers in a brand-new faction to the world of the Runewars Miniatures Game in the form of the Latari Elves. The expansion includes four new units, the Deepwood Archers, the Leonx Riders, the Aymhelin Scions and new hero Aliana of Summersong, enough to field an army of Latari Elves. The expansion also includes tokens, new mechanics and twelve upgrade cards for further customization.

Our Price: €56.99
Lord Hawthorne Expansion Pack: Runewars Miniatures Game

As a young man, Lord Hawthorne’s home of Seragart was beset by a horde of barbarians led by a mysterious warlord wielding foul sorcery. As a descendent of Sir Rodric the Strong, Hawthorne was not one to sit idly by. Though badly outnumbered, Hawthorne charged out of the gates with the city’s remaining troops, taking the barbarians by surprise, in the process uncovering the malicious power behind the attacks: the renegade sorcerer Ankaur Maro. Though the defenders of the city were eventually able to break the siege, Maro was able to escape.

Hawthorne was knighted for his bravery in the defense of Seragart, and vowed to never again let a foe escape his blade. Now, rumors swirl that Ankaur Maro has made his return as a servant of Waiqar, and Lord Hawthorne rides forward, determined to defeat his old foe once and for all.

The Lord Hawthorne Hero Expansion includes two different figures for Lord Hawthorne to add to your Daqan army, a cavalry version and an infantry version, as well as six new upgrade cards, four of which will improve any army and two that are exclusive to Lord Hawthorne.

Lead the Daqan forces to glorious victory with the Lord Hawthorne Hero Expansion!

Our Price: €23.99
Oathsworn Cavalry Unit Expansion for Runewars

Card Sleeves needed: Fantasy Flight GREEN 1x and Fantasy Flight YELLOW x1

How to get this game as cheap as 22.97€: Pay by bank or cash and use discount code DISC005 in your shopping cart.

Few sounds strike more fear into an enemy of Terrinoth than the thundering hooves of a column of armored destriers. Each mount is bred and trained for war. Each rider is a lifelong professional warrior or an avowed knight, sworn to a baron’s or Free City’s service until the rider’s final breath. Rider and mount work together on the battlefield in perfect synergy, charging into combat and crushing the enemy in a wave of steel.

With the Oathsworn Cavalry Unit Expansion, you gain four new Oathsworn Cavalry figures—enough to field a two-tray unit or increase the size of another unit. These fearsome knights are sworn to fight for the Daqan Lords and protect the realm, and they are first introduced in the Runewars Core Set. This unit expansion is a perfect way to quickly increase your cavalry and unlock new options with five new upgrade cards for any army.

Our Price: €23.99
Reanimate Archers Expansion Pack: Runewars Miniatures Game

You need Fantasy flight GREEN sleeves x1 and Fantasy flight YELLOW sleeves for sleeving this set.

How to get this game as cheap as 22.79€: Pay by bank or cash and use discount code DISC005 in your shopping cart.

The hiss of Reanimates’ blighted arrows raining down from the skies sends even veteran soldiers scrambling for cover. Wounds inflicted by these arrows rapidly necrotize: flesh peels away, foulness spreads, and bones crumble and crack. Panic spreads as healthy warriors fall, rotted from within. Able to kill at range and afflict their targets with the blight of the Mistlands, Reanimate Archers inspire fear in even the most stalwart soldiers.

Fire poisoned arrows down on your enemies with the eight new Reanimate Archer figures included in the Reanimate Archers Unit Expansion! These eight figures give you the option to field another two-tray unit or increase the size of a larger unit—perhaps fielding a block of archers that will rain death on your foes. Like the Oathsworn Cavalry, these figures are identical to the figures included in the Runewars Core Set, and this expansion gives you an easy way to raise more undead to fight for Waiqar the Undying, while opening dark new paths with five new upgrade cards.

Aim and Fire

The Reanimate Archer’s command dial paints a picture of a unit that moves methodically rather than quickly. The Reanimate Archers have two separate shift options, an initiative-six, speed-one shift and an initiative-seven, speed-two shift. This, combined with their reform action, gives them all the tools they need to line up the perfect shot and rain death upon the enemies of Waiqar.

If the Reanimate Archers find themselves engaged in close combat with an enemy, they have the option to perform a melee attack, but with an initiative value of nine, they aren't likely to strike first.

The arrows of the Reanimate Archers do more than puncture. They get inside their target's skin, infecting them with rot and disease, represented by their ability to spend two surges to give their target a blight token when they make a ranged attack. Blight tokens can weaken opposing units by removing their die before an attack, and with the Reanimate Archer’s ability to add a free surge to their strikes with their modifier dial, it’s something they can accomplish often. Furthermore, the shambling bowmen are united in their service to Waiqar, and with the "Steadfast" keyword, it becomes difficult to shake their resolve with a doubt card during a morale test.

The Reanimate Archer Unit Expansion features enough models to either field a two-tray unit for 18 points, or combine with the two trays found in the Runewars Core Set for a 32-point four-tray unit. An additional expansion plus the Runewars Core Set will allow you to field a 45-point six-tray unit. This massive horde of archers has their threat increased by one, making their arrows even deadlier and the unit itself much more difficult to eliminate.

Enhance Your Forces

The Reanimate Archers Unit Expansion comes with five upgrade cards compatible with any army.

In the Runewars Miniatures Game, movement and positioning are key. An upgrade like Wind Rune functions as a way to master mobility, correct mistakes and line up your units for the perfect attack. After using a skill modifier, your unit can make a shift action with speed equal to the number of natural energy tokens on the field. Then, they get a free reform action, allowing a massive change in their positioning. This can undo a costly movement mistake or set up the upgraded unit for a flank attack—with the power of the Wind Rune, the battlefield is yours to control, and for only six points.

Our Price: €23.99
Reanimates Expansion Pack: Runewars Miniatures Game

Though each reanimate is but a fraction of the being they were when they followed Waiqar in life, the legion of skeletal warriors strike fear into the hearts of those that would stand against them. An unquenchable spite and loyalty to the dread Waiqar the Undying drive the legion to destroy anything in their path.

Expand your ranks of the undead with the Reanimates Unit Expansion. Featuring eight reanimate plastic figures in four different sculpts, the expansion contains everything you need to add one Reanimates unit to your own army. Overrun your opponents with an undead legion and raise your dead with the Reanimates Unit Expansion.

Our Price: €23.99