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Arkham Horror - INVOCATION 2017 EVENT
Arkham Horror - INVOCATION 2017 EVENT

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Event Date: March 3rd 2018

Event Time: 13-18H
Event Venue: Boardgamegeneral - Liebiglaan 84 - 2900 Schoten

ATTENTION: this is a REGISTRATION for an event. THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS! We will NOT ship this item to you (select pickup in store as shipping method if you are only purchasing this item).

What do you get? You get the Exlusive Event Playmat, an alt-art Card of Daisy Walker and the corresponding Investigator token. And ofcourse the event itself. Event rewards will be handed at the end of the event to players who participated.

What Is the Invocation?

The Invocation is a unique opportunity for you to head to your favorite local retailer, join forces with other fans of Arkham Horror: The Card Game, and revel in the game's pulp action and eerie, Lovecraftian mysteries.

At your Invocation Event, you might find other players waiting to tackle the challenges of a standalone scenario like Curse of the Rougarou or Carnevale of Horrors. Or, your Invocation Event might serve as the first in a series of weekly game nights, over the course of which you and your fellow investigators might try to solve the mysteries of the Night of the Zealot or The Dunwich Legacy.

Either way, you'll find your Invocation Event supported by an Invocation Kit that includes custom playmats and alternate art investigator cards for participants.

  • The alternate art investigator and mini cards for Daisy Walker (Core Set, 2) prepare you for the action to come. No longer is she closed up around the rare tome that she clutches close to her chest. Rather, we find her browsing a bookshelf by candlelight, presumably without the owner's knowledge.
  • And if Daisy's new card art speaks to her courage and resolve, the Invocation playmat whispers—or mutters, or howls—of the terrors that await you. Do you really want to enter that abandoned house? Do you really think your shotgun will protect you?