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Boardgame Bazaar - 2nd hand Market @boardgamegeneral
Boardgame Bazaar - 2nd hand Market @boardgamegeneral


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Only buy this item to make a reservation for 1 Meter on the event (see reservations below)

The Boardgame Bazaar
When: Saturday June 23rd 2018
Where: Boardgamegeneral - Liebiglaan 84, 2900 Schoten
Costs: FREE tables for sellers, FREE entry for shoppers, FREE Parking, FREE drinks,...did we mention this is FREE!?

How does it work?
Sellers can reserve or claim a (free) table to sell their games. They need to be here between 10-11H in morning as we open the Bazaar at 11H.

Sellers can also give (up to 10) games to our Boardgamegeneral Customer Service boot. Label and price them and give us a detailed list (game title, price and name of owner). We will sell them for you. YOu can cash and/or pickup games at any point up to Sunday June 24th at 14H.

Buyers are welcome to stroll around the bazaar from 11H - 18H. Entry is free and the normal store will also be open.

What can be sold and bought?
Any boardgame, wargame, cardgame, figure that is second hand.
Any boardgame, wargame, cardgame, figure that is still new but unwanted.
Any Kickstarters

When can we hand over games that we want to sell?
Our Customer Service will accept games that you want us to offer at the Bazaar on Wednesday 20/6 to Friday 23/6 from18-22H and on Saturday 24/6 from 10-12H. Max 10 games per person.

When can we make reservations?
You can make a reservation by making an order on our website with ONLY this item (Boardgame Bazaar), costing 0 in your basket (pickup in store). this will reserve a minimum table of 1 meter for you. If you do not show up on June 23rd at 10H, your reservation will cancel and your table is given away to other interested parties. We have made 12 meters available for reservation. The other tables will be held in reserve for people that show up on the day itself, first come first served.

Other info
Boardgamegeneral is not responsable for loss or damage of your games. Boardgamegeneral will not take any profit or fees for organising this event or selling your games. Leftover games that are not picked up afterwards (latest on Sunday 24th June) 2018, will not be kept any longer. Boardgamegeneral will only accept CASH payment for selling your games.