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Moscow '41 - Kick starter Edition

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Including all Kickstarter stretch goals:
-> Laminated box cover
-> Laminated mapboard
-> Operation Typhoon
-> Whermacht Last Gasp
-> Dice upgrade
-> Icon Stockers
-> Plastic Components upgrade
-> More Icon Stickers
-> Draw Bagds
-> Aircraft figures

Looking back, we can say with certainty that, for the Germans to win WW2, they had to capture Moscow and they had to do it in 1941. Can you?

Moscow '41 is a new game from VentoNuovo Games. We are entering our fifth year of operations, proud of the high quality and play value of our current five games but realizing that we need to connect with many more gamers all over the world. So this Kickstarter is as much about seeking a wider audience as it is obtaining funds to make our game better.

World War 2 on the Eastern Front was battle on a massive scale, like some sort of Wagnerian epic, but all too real. There are many games that cover the entire war, including our own "Blocks in the East." Other games focus purely on one battle. But we feel the interesting place to do something new is to focus on a single campaign...and to take the most important campaign of the war.

Moscow '41 aims to give players a small sense of the chaos and balancing acts both sides had to deal with in this ultimate campaign. The Germans have their armies strung back for miles behind where their units start on the edge of the map. They can be very powerful, if they can consolidate and apply the advantages of their artillery and air power.

But they know the Soviets are weak in places and getting stronger every hour. They must push their luck to have a chance to win.

The Soviet starting forces are a mix of good units and "remnants," bits of broken formations that have little power now but could be rebuilt... if they can be saved. Yet someone has to hold the line, to give time for reinforcements to arrive.

The wooden blocks provide easy displays of a unit's strength and abilities, plus the "fog of war" that adds tension and excitement. Our blocks are made in Europe, with solid colors and precision edges, and our PVC stickers really pop with the information you need as you make decisions and balance risk and reward. The play testers speak of triumph and tragedy in every turn. Perfect for two players, Moscow '41 is surprisingly interesting for solo play as well.